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Your success is our mission.

About Us


Since 2004, Integrity Legal Support Solutions has been committed to providing professional, dependable and quality service, from discovery through trial.  We deliver unique solutions tailored to your needs by focusing on organizing and presenting your case most effectively, with efficiency.  Our purpose is to provide you with support, integrated seamlessly with technology, and service exceeding your expectations.

Your success is our mission.



Court Reporting
An excellent court reporter can make all the difference in the quality of your transcript.  Trust us to provide the most reliable reporters in the industry.
Record Retrieval
Investigational skills and experience are vital elements in obtaining documents.  From affidavits to depositions by written questions, depend on our decades of knowledge to guide you through your retrieval options.
Legal Videography
Nonverbal ques comprise the majority of our interpersonal communications and has proven to be an extremely effective tool in the resolution of your case.  Our dependable videographers will help you capture this important component of your deposition.
Trial Consulting
All your efforts come down to effectively communicating with the jury.  Rely on our certified trial consultants to make the most of your presentation and give you the best opportunity to convince the jury.


     Andrea grew up in California and moved to Texas in the 1980’s.  Having now spent the majority of her life here, she considers herself a true Texan at heart.  

     Early in her career, she displayed a natural aptitude for accounting and business management.  Despite her humble upbringing, she knew anything was possible if she worked hard and focused on professionalism, dependability and quality.  This attitude has provided the catalyst for her success in management and entrepreneurship. 

     Aside from her professional accomplishments, her greatest joys in life are the simple moments with her children and grandchildren. In her free time, you will find her gardening or engaged with a book, preferably while sitting at the beach. 


Andrea Hernandez Christopher




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9901 Brodie Lane, Suite 160-400

Austin, TX 78748

Austin:  512.320.8690

Dallas:  972.364.9777

Houston:  281.471.8500

San Antonio:  210.277.6200

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